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If You Like Sushi.... Make this at Home - ASIAN BEEF ROLLS

Here's a great recipe and sooooo easy. The grocery store made them and gave out samples and I was hooked, and so was my daughter. It reminded me of sushi, only there's no fish in this recipe, which is good for the faint-of-heart about raw fish.



-Sliced Roast Beef from the deli
-Seedless Cucumber (use 1/2 a cucumber, cut into matchsticks/julienne)
-Bean sprouts
-Hoison Sauce (bottle in the ethnic foods section of grocery store)
-Ginger Spice Paste (this is a refrigerated item, located in produce area of store)

- Optional: Asian Sweet Chili Sauce (ethnic foods section),
- Optional: ginger wonton strips(these come in a bag like potato chips)


In a bowl, stir 2 tbsp. Hoison sause, 1 tsp. ginger paste. Roll in 1 c. bean sprouts and cucumber strips until evenly coated.

Lay roast beef slices flat and place 1 tbsp. of cucumber mixture near short end of slices. Roll beef tightly starting at short end. Repeat with slices until you use up the mix.

You can sprinkle crushed wonton strip crumbs on top of rolls (optional).

Cut rolls into short lengths (like sushi rolls) and arrange on serving platter. Top with tiny bit of chili sauce and serve.

Yum! Great for a New Year's Eve party!