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Quick Notes on Last Night's, The Bachelor

I still stay with my picks from last week, and have dropped two..

1. Ali - She's got that Britney Spears (from her good days) appeal.
2. Tenley - Heart & Soul
3. Gia - Subtle

I'm dropping these two faves from last week:

- No to Vienna - Basketcase
- No to Elizabeth from Nebraska - Just my gut.... Game Player & Possibly Wicked - She'll stay long, however, she is a complex personality and exceptionally gorgeous. I've changed my mind about her looking like Courtney Cox.... More like Heather Fox.

Ashley emerged prominent as beautiful and sexy, however, she is far too aggressive. She'll go far with those looks, but her fatal flaw will catch up with her late in the season.

Good riddance to Miss Inappropriate, Rozlyn, and the ones Jake selected off, especially the inebriated one.

Michelle remains only because her mental illness will entertain us for the season. This is transparent.

The others are not memorable and this could be because the show fails to showcase them. Anyone who watches reality shows does realize the politics about which scenes are used or cut to make a show interesting. We are influenced.

The appearance by the band, Chicago, was wonderful. I just love this show!


Anonymous said...

I would like to see him pick Ali but I have a feeling it's going to be Vienna

mavis sidebottom said...

he'll pick tiger woods ;)


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