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Tonight: The Bachelor on ABC

You can catch up if you missed the first episode last week and get right into the season. Click here. It's a good one! Tonight The Bachelor is on ABC at 8 PM Eastern Time, until 10 PM.

Jake was the "good guy" in last season's, The Bachelorette -- too boring to steal the heart of Jill, back then. But it's a whole new ballgame now.

My fave picks for Jake have emerged early. They are:

1. Ali - She's the blondie short-haired girl (or was it just in an up-do?) who tripped and fell over her yellow dress and exclaimed, "Oh no, I'm the girl who tripped" - great energy and humor.

2. Tenley - A bit of baggage, divorced, has suffered a little in life and seems to have a soft, sweet heroine appeal. Appears gentle and kind, sweet and pretty.

3. Vienna - Wild and talkative from Florida, but something about her... maybe she has substance? Will be watching her

4. Elizabeth from Nebraska - Not memorable with her personality but such an American beauty (looks like Courney Cox).

5. Gia - She's the swimsuit model, too skinny and doesn't have an emergent unique personality, but OMG she will be fun to watch, she oozes that sexuality....

I can't believe Jake kept Michelle... she's a stalker, whacko.

Friends and Bosses... do not call me between 8 and 10 tonight. I'm bizzy. It's the thing my daughter, Kelly, and I do together... watch and comment. Hot cocoa, slippers... oh, it's just my favorite indulgence!

Be there or be square!