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When the Keyboard Goes Bad....

My computer keyboard is less than 6 months old and the backspace key sticks (thereby erasing things I write). This has resulted in serious problems. I'm usually able to get back the deleted text by hitting "undo" but not always. So I'm chucking the cheapo $12 keyboard.

I then used a new one I got... it's indestructible rubber/plastic, flat, you can actually roll it. That one sucks even worse, requiring heavy handedness... Advice: Don't get sucked into this "new" technology. Cheap China crap.

OK , so I returned to my ergnomic keyboard I had stored in my garage, which I'm using now and realize why it was in the garage and not previously in use. It's excessively "clicky" tap tap tap noisy. And the mmmmmmm key sticks. Yes, I already tried giving my keyboard a blow job with the air can to clean it, and removing "m" key to clean it. Still... bad news.

Before I waste any money.... does anyone have a recommendation for a keyboard that isn't noisy or requiring strength to type? Come on! This is 2010.... there must be something out there. I want to buy a new one TODAY.



Anonymous said...

I've actually always had good luck with the cheepo keyboards. But, I also like the clackity clack sound that some keyboards make. It lets me know how good of a job I'm doing with my typing.