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Thoughts on Last Night's Episode, The Bachelor

1. I knew Elizabeth was mind-f*cking. She couldn't carry it through.. this deprivation game to make Jake want her. And I suspected and now believe she may be a miscreant based on the quality of her staged comedy act. She said she's not "vanilla".... that's an actual term used by people in a nonmainstream lifestyle... not judging that, but just saying, she's a pretender. Good riddance!

2. Tenly is elevated to my #1 fave.

3. Still like Ali.

4. Ashley has emerged a strong contender. She's human now. We're getting to know her.

5. Vienna. Feel sorry for her. She's just young. Too young for this and too young for Jake. She's not sophisticated and made enemies, but her heart isn't black, not that I see.

6. Not a fan of Ella. Find her annoying.

And really, who else is there, but the pack of ordinary girls left. Did I miss anyone? Cori? Eh. I'm underwhelmed.

Finally, Jake is rather boring. He has no je ne sais pas. Lacks sex appeal, even though he is a good-looking man.

What do you think, Fans?



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