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Livin' on the Financial Edge

I can't believe I'm 44 and still going through this crap.

Am I the only one?

I am awaiting a direct deposit against the clock with a check "floating out there." I'm hoping the deposit arrives before the check is presented to the bank. I obsessively keep checking my online records to see which will come in first. I'd be soooooo embarrassed if the check was returned, "insufficient funds." I know normally the banks pay the draft and then assess a fee... still, it's not a guaranteed thing.

Uh... I can hear the advice of y'all... I know all about overdraft protection... but you've got to have funds in your emergency funds account for that and it takes time to build back the fund after recent emergencies. And as for credit card overdraft protection... that used to work for me until I got a divorce and got my credit ruined in that ordeal.

It sucks to be THIS smart, work THIS hard, pinch pennies THIS much and STILL be this poor... seems I never get ahead.



Spidey said...

things are tough all over. don't feel alone. i hope your deposit is there before the check. if the bank is decent they post the days deposits before the checks. good luck.

Roger D. Curry said...

Dear Ms. Lewis:

Let us explain the situation clearly to you.

We do not trust you. We trust us. It does not pay us to trust you. It pays us to trust us. Actually, we know that you are trustworthy. In fact, in we know that you are a hell of a lot more trustworthy than us, because you are who you are and also because there's only one of you, so if you mess up, we'll know who to talk to. On the other hand, we have messed us so many times that only a moron would trust us and when we do, all you can do is call our complaint director, Ms. Yell. You know, Hellen? Yes, if you don't like something, you can go to Hellen Yell. That's a banker joke. Ha, ha. You will not that when we get your deposit but don't post it because we haven't gotten around to it, sometimes your account will have a small balance. And then when a check comes in, we are very efficient and will get it into the computer in milliseconds. This is not because we like to be efficient. This is because we charge you $33 each time you are "overdrawn." Why? Because WE CAN. And it's OUR BANK and it's OUR MONEY. Go to Hellen Yell.

I hope that this explains our relationship.

Your Bank

Anonymous said...

I think the deposit was there before your check's have a good heart...:)

Catz said...

has funny as roger was that's pretty much true. good luck,doreen.

schell said...

Trust me, I know how you feel!