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The John Edwards Affair - On Elizabeth and Andrew Young and Rielle Hunter

I've been meaning to post an entry about the ensuing drama over the former Presidential Candidate, John Edwards, his affair with Rielle and the latest book by his right hand man, Robert Young.

Friday's 20/20 featured an interview with Robert Young, who worked with the politician and covered up the Edwards affair. He wrote a book which tells a story of the scandal. It's bringing Edwards down. The story is all about money and loyalties broken... friendship gone awry. You can read the news reports and book summary for the timeline of events.

Here are some of my reactions:

  • Robert Young and his wife and kids sold out for the money in all they did to serve the Congressman Edwards. This book is also blood money. They are desperate and they recognize now their blame - at least that's what Young's wife said in the interview. The book is bullshit, however.... its reason for publication is not to right wrongs, as Young alleges, I think it's to hurt Edwards and it's revenge and it's more dirt. Just shame on him.
  • Elizabeth's cancer has returned. John Edwards was staying with her to see her through this, but once the publicity came out that Edwards was the father Rielle's baby and he lied about it knowingly, Elizabeth filed for divorce. Good for her! There was nothing more mentioned of this in the 20/20 piece, but I'm sure other interviews with Elizabeth will emerge. Some of the footage was shown of John's hypocrisy and how he elevated Elizabeth as his wind beneath his wings, blah, blah, blah and it was all just to get money and votes. He used Elizabeth as wife/mother figure for 30 years to advance his career.
  • John Edwards robbed Bunny (some rich old lady) of a million dollars for his non-campaign expenses to fund the hiding of Rielle's pregnancy and setting her up in a mansion. This is criminal and there are investigations going on. We'll find out more... What ever happened to Bunny? She is/was in her 90s. I want to know what she thinks.... she believed in John Edwards and never knew where the money was being spent. I wonder if she has comment now.
  • John needs to be with Rielle and their baby (Oh God that baby girl is beautiful) and try to live an ordinary existence out of the limelight and be a better man. He needs to stay a father to the two children of the first marriage, too. He needs therapy. It seems he has no regrets, no remorse.... he's sociopathic and I'm not sure this guy can be saved.
  • Rielle was described as a jealous and weird woman. Young told the story of how is a new age spiritualist who guided Edwards. Told stories of how she had to preview hotel rooms to make sure the right essence was there and one time the only room in a hotel that had the right spiritual elements was the top floor penthouse (why, of course!). She's a wacko... seems. Did she plan the pregnancy as a ploy? Methinks.
If anyone is following this story... comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I just finished Andrew Young's book "The Politician", and have been following the scandal since it broke. In my opinion, John Edwards is a selfish, egotistical coward and complete scum bag. He uses people for what he needs, then discards them like garbage when he has no more use for them. And I believe his wife Elizabeth is no better than he is. She is a complete bitch who thinks everyone should bow at her feet. I believe they both got what they deserved. Good for Andrew Young for finally speaking out and exposing John & Elizabeth Edwards for the horrible people they are. Andrew Young & his family went through hell for these people & were treated like dirt by them for 10 long years, only to be discarded by John Edwards when they were of no further use to him. Thank goodness John & Elizabeth Edwards never made it to the White House.

Jilly said...

eh, i think he's he same person any top-ranking politician is. my dad was a low-level politician who attended many tope level political events while i was growing up. when my mom couldn't go, he'd take me or my older sister with him to these events. many of these top-ranking politicians were all scum and it was common knowledge among the people they employed. the best events were ones the whole family went to, because the car conversations on the way home were great "did you hear abou?" and "remember so and so? well such and such went down after that one thing..." the gossip and people watch provided hours of entertainment and taught me a lot about powerful men and how they all seem to have sold their souls. i never trust that happy family photo or the perfect smile. These pictures remind me of a used car saleman, so i trust a politician as much as i'd trust a bad used car salesman.

will you read the book?


doreenmary said...

Yes, Jilly, I'm going to read the book, but I don't want to buy it and put money into that guy's pocket. I'll see if the library has a copy.