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Reflections on the Bachelor and the Final Four

It's getting pretty good now. We're getting to know the "character" of the characters much better and see the intensity of feelings becoming more real.


Gia - She's the one with the most natural beauty. Humble. Gentle. She's the underdog that you want to see get more time and more attention... She's got things to say, but she is not as forward and aggressive as some of the others. I like watching her. My fave scene is when she questioned Jake about it "being OK to fall..." and he said it was OK. She fears being hurt and she mentioned that she thought some of the things Jake did to express affection were "special" between them (like him putting his leg over hers), until she learned he did that very same thing with all the girls. She spoke out to him how that is hurtful to her... meaning she wonders if he is authentic with her. Jake responded sensitively and it was clear he respected and understood her concerns.

Tenley - She's probably the best matched for Jake. She always cares how HE is doing through this, not making it all about "HER". She's been through a bad relationship and from that, she emerged wiser and determined to cherish moments and not take them for granted. She said she wants to dance with him and he took her and danced with her... no music, and it was grandly romantic. Love Tenley. She's my #1 pick with Gia a close second.

Ali - Ali is the All-American girl and she's certainly likable and very pretty in an outdoorsy way. She's independent and this quality about her may be her demise... she doesn't seem hot for Jake and she said she would be OK with him picking another girl if it makes him happy. She makes clear she's not desperate... she's not vying hard enough for him, doesn't seem to want the whole enchilada as much as some of the others.

Vienna - She's an undisciplined emotional self-centered girl who remains very likable and sincere, despite she's her own worst enemy. She snuck into his bedroom and that was the drama from the episode because it was inappropriate... but that's what makes Vienna unique, she doesn't play by the rules. Jake really likes her spunk and that she can speak without reserve. She's gotten a horrible reputation on the show and I think some of it may be unfair. I don't think she'll be the last one standing, but she makes the show fun.

Corrie - She got the boot and it only made sense... She is far too meek and square for Jake, but we got to see what a lovely person she is.... for somebody else. Makes me sad that being a virgin at 23 seems to work against a girl, for she takes the role of wife very seriously. It was obvious she was the one who wasn't going to get the rose last night.

Next week's episode should be great when Jake goes to the home towns of the remaining girls and meets the families.

What was your take away from last night's show?