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Too Cold to Blog...

When one (such as I) lives in sunny Florida and gets record-breaking cold weather (I'm talking in the 30s) for days on end in a month that has had freezing cold days in the 50s for two months, you northern people like to tease us. Y'all don't seem to get it. We're not whining to be cute. No. We do not have any defenses against this stuff. We don't know what to do with ourselves. I own no more than three sweaters for warmth... two pairs of sweat pants and two flannel shirts for when its cold. I am wearing ALL of them now.

I haven't blogged because I'm cold and I'm cranky, but I'm feeling the need to blog soon. But why am I even telling you this, you unsympathetic freak ice kings and queens.


mavis sidebottom said...

Oh haven;t you got a poor little lost black sheep or an escaped baboon or something to take your mind off things

Roger D. Curry said...

That's "unsympathetic freak ice king SIR," thank you.
Frosty the Knowman

Spidey said...

i would never make fun of you for freezing your tatas off.



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