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Hello Mom? Ummm. This is Kevin.

Uh yea. This is how the day went. My son phoned me this morning needing a bit of help. This is what happens when you turn too fast. The Buick went to heaven today and will be sold as junk. Kevin is OK, a little pain from the seat belt. And that $784 tax refund he got today? I think he's rethinking spending that on some electronics and computer games. We'll get through this. He learned some values and lessons today and good will come from this, I know it.


Jilly said...

wow a cop came? here a cop only comes if someone needs to go to the hospital or someones drunk/high. otherwise, you're supposed to exchange info and just move on.

my brother-in-law got a bad ticket a few months ago and i had hoped he'd slow down after that. nope. he proceeded to hit a car in our driveway and then drive off and not say anything for 3 days until the person he hit confronted him. she was nicer than me, i would ahve beat him with me shoe and called the police on his hit-and-run-self. God got back at him though because a month later, someone hit HIS car in our driveway and drove off without a note.

now he drives slower and is more careful, but it really hook the hit and run against him to get him to act his age, not his shoe size. oh, his ticket was 1 mph away from the cop taking his license away on the spot, so the kid was a real speed demon. i was worried we'd get a call that he was dead.

perhaps it's a young male thing?

good for you for making him pay for it himself though.


Roger D. Curry said...

Welcome to another class at the dear old College of Hard Knocks, Bro. Kevin.

mavis sidebottom said...

t least he is safe and no one was hurt that's the main thing everything else is just an inconvenience

sheila222 said...

Those are scary calls to get. Ditto what Mum said.

doreenmary said...

Yessss, a ticket for careless driving (too fast for the turn). $150.

Spidey said...

hopefully a lesson learned.

aliasmoi said...

Whatever you do don't cosign a car loan!!!!


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