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So Get This...

So I go to a convenience store to get a few small convenience items. Went to use the debit card. Counter lady asks, "Debit?" I said, "Yes". She says, "Eighty cents fee." So I go, "No. Then Credit." She says, "One dollah." I said, "See ya."

Is this the way of the future? Cuz that's ridiculous.


Spidey said...

don't be angry at the store. it is the credit card companies that charge them to have the terminals to do the credit transactions. ridiculous.

Jilly said...

our credit union will cover "credit" fees but not debit fees. so, even if they had said "$1.00" at the end of the month, the credit union would put that money back in there for us. see if any banks or credit unions around you offer that service.

but spidey is right, the store is charged a transaction fee for credit and debit purchases, so they're passing it off to you now. at least she was open and it wasn't somehow hidden. seems to me that they should just raise their prices on things by 5 cents or so to even out the cost that way. That's how most places do it anyway.


Catz said...

it is ridiculous.not to mention a lot of ATM's charge $2-3.00 to get YOUR money out. Crazy isn't it?

Roger D. Curry said...

Damn, that's weird. 'Round here, the general store weighs out dust from my gold poke, deal done.


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