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Just Chatter....

I guess I'm in some sort of Spring Fever mood. I seem to get this way each year this time. Do you, too? You know what I mean....

Feeling physical. Wanting to get in the garden and fix it (as soon as I have a few extra bucks). Will definitely be making a day "my own" for the beach--alone with a book. I haven't felt like blogging because I'm in a zone of slaying dragons and getting stuff done. There is work to do, no time for day dreaming unless it is productive. I look around me and I feel frustration for wanting everything in my existence neatly in its place and "right". Don't want excuses for anything. I'm cleaning closets. I'm organizing my finances. Setting goals and deadlines - career, education, personal. I'm overcoming barriers to the things that need attention, even things unpleasant. And I'm using a planner to block time for things pleasant and meaningful to me, just me.

I want more for myself. I don't ever want to be down like I have been down before. There is so much inside me. Too much, maybe. I shall never live long enough to do all there is I would like.