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Hey! That's No Chew Toy!

What I'm doing right now: Chasing Poncho through the house. That's a tampon applicator in his mouth. What if I were having a dinner party and this happened?


mavis sidebottom said...

do you not have that tampon advert where the guy mistakes his girlfriends tampons for sweets ?

Jilly said...

you'd all laugh, then someone would change the subject and life would go on. worse things could happen. you had little kids, you know this : )

Catz said...

That's funny. But it would be embarrassing at the dinner party not to mention quite a conversation.

Jilly said...

we have it alex. i don't usually care about such things. i menstrate, it happens. i also pee, poop, burp, fart, sneeze etc. we all do it, there's even a book about it "everybody poops." do i take videos and tell everyone about it? no, but i understand when there's a slip up.

you know, someone in my crochet pattern exchange group keeps sending me the tampon/pad caddy pattern. it's a little pillow looking thing you put the tampons/pads in and put in your purse so no one knows what's in it. it's a nice pattern and quite handy i guess if you're embarrassed about such things, but the point of the group is to circle around new patterns, and this ones been around a few times already.

Catz said...

sounds interesting Jillybean. I wouldn't have used it though. To me it takes up space and I figure someone would know anyway.


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