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I bought these geese for by my front door and will acquire different outfits to suit the seasons and holidays. Why? Because they make me happy, that's why. Don't you love them?

Some news to report: After 3 or 4 years teaching with Rasmussen College, I resigned about 6 weeks ago and completed the semester yesterday finally announcing my leaving to the students. I love teaching.... it has been wonderful for me. INFORMATION HERE HAS BEEN DELETED AT THE REQUEST OF RASMUSSEN COLLEGE concerning graduation rates that have not been released to the public yet As such, I have my CV now with a couple of larger universities for a psychology job within programs where the behavioral sciences are a major and students will be more serious.


On other life updates... My dissertation was APPROVED by the institutional review board (IRB), which is the ethics committee. I am thrilled! Within the next several weeks I will launch my national survey on passion, intimacy and commitment and will be asking all and everyone you know to participate. I plan on publishing the results and this is the culmination of nearly 4 years of research in love theories. I can't believe I'm here and I'm so excited!

Today is the 9th anniversary of my beloved father's passing from pancreatic cancer. He was 59 years old and he was my hero... a true gentleman, smart and wise and witty. Oh, I miss him! Of course he passed the day after Father's Day... so appropriate.

We are going on a mini vacation for the 4th of July weekend. I got three suites at a beach motel for us (nothing fancy) and the kids are bringing some friends. Our chihuahuas are coming (I got them doggy Hawaiian shirts to wear to get in the right spirit of things). It's been many years since we've done anything fun and we all need it.

I busted a gut this week OMG, when the hell is menopause anyway? I'm so sick of this. There's the week before the ovarian explosion that is riddled with attitudinal issues and depression, followed by a week of abdominal unwellness... well, that's 1/2 the month or roughly, half the female's adult life. Men have no idea. Going to lay down shortly in a fetal position until the 3 ibuproferen kick in.

There is a wondrous thunderstorm here today and that pleases me. I am going to read, order a veggie pizza... kids are working, I am alone and it is peaceful....


mavis sidebottom said...

I will say it again VITAMIN B6

Jilly said...

congrats on the Dis. have you thought of a public community college? the class sizes are usually small and all the extra BS isn't usua''y extended to PT people. my guy teaches different classes at a few and loves it to pieces.

oh, we're coming to jacksonville in Dec (right after christmas) b/c he's gotta do something for his phd, heckifiknow what, but i'm excited about the possibility of a trip!

i'm glad you love your geese, life is too short to waste on things we hate. though, i'm glad someone likes those geese, because yard stuff always seems a bit tacky to me. i have a neighbor that has yard crap on ever square inch of his lawn and about 85 wind chimes. it makes him happy, even if it's an eye sore. OH and it's a baltimore thing to put fake flowers in your yard in fall and winter because you know, you NEED to have flowers in your yard, and if they won't grow, that's what the dollar store is for....


MelissaTheRagamuffin said...

Don't wish for menopause too soon. I think I had my first hot flash recently, and I thought I was dying. It wasn't just being too hot. It was like being on fire on the inside and then being freezing cold, then hot again. My ears were ringing, and my vision grew dim. I seriously thought I was dying or something, and then someone told me that was a hot flash, and I said, "Oh fuck." My mother had her last period when she was 42, so I guess I'm about the right age.


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