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On Being Elderly.

Kelly (age 17) just asked me, “Mommy? Is it normal to get whistled at every day by men at stores and parking lots and even on the road? Cuz it’s kind of creepy, mom.”

I laughed.

And then I realized that used to happen to me every day, too, and now… not so much. So after laughing this old crow could just cry.



An Old Mother


Roger D. Curry said...

Kelly is right, it is creepy, and not the conduct of a gentleman. Respect never goes out of style.


Jilly said...

you know you're old when random toddler point at you and shout "gramma." Mandolin thinks all old ladies are called "gramma" and loves to shout it at them. Then again, it could be because they usually like it when she shouts this at them and she gets a lot of attention, kisses, and candy from said old women.

you're still young, don't worry.

mavis sidebottom said...

I can still pull I have been pleasantly surprised lately when i go out of a friday night

Spidey said...

i never appreciated that type of attention. i thought it was disrespectful.
so now that it doesn't happen anymore, i am happy.


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