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Clearwater Beach Vacation

It's interesting how everyone comes away with a different experience from vacation. I'm so glad the children had fun with their friends who came along... frisbee playing, they got henna tattoos, fireworks, running in the rain. Me? I drank alot. OMG, I am soooo not the vacation type... hard to relax and easily irritated by every little wrong thing (er, like the rain). We stayed in a beach shack... got rooms for each kid so they could enjoy their friends and I could have some peace and quiet. First vacation for our dogs... Rocko got car sick and bit someone (geeze) but they finally calmed down and stopped barking at some point. My sister's family stopped by and brought a 4th of July BBQ... it was great! And we saw old friends Dave & Shelly Anderson and their kids... That was a great highlight! I am sooooo glad to be home. Here are some pics!


mavis sidebottom said...

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