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Bachelorette: Season 6 - Face-off with Jake & Vienna

Yes, I'm still hooked on the Bachelor/Bachelorette series, it's just been a rather dull new season. And then... there was TONIGHT when the fireworks sparked in a surprise interview between last season's bachelor Jake and Vienna talking about their breakup. It revealed a great deal about the persona and character of the both of them. Vienna was believable but sadly, she didn't need to be a drama queen and embarrass herself like that... it would have been best to quietly go on without discussion/interviews. Jake probably thought he came off as calm and taking the high road, but he appeared to be pompous and self-righteous. There is no right/wrong here - everybody loses, but this interview (video below) captures an essence of problematic relationships throughout the world - the epidemic unwillingness to be tolerant, forgiving, patient and caring/loving. Too much ego, not enough soulful exposure and intimacy. Very, very sad state of affairs and exemplary of so much pain within coupling. Anyone watch last night? Thoughts?


mavis sidebottom said...

why do they call it the bachelorette and not the the spinster?