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Eye Carumba!

So I had this dumb sty in my eye that after two weeks never came to a head and instead formed a fricken hard ball on the bottom of my left eyelid. I went to the opthalmologist and they surgically drained it and it healed just fine, just a little shiner for a day Then I woke up the next day and my other eye was effed up. This is just awful! I've been debating calling the doc on the weekend so I just sent the office the following email:

Hi. Can you have Dr. Hu call me concerning post-op problems? I had a chalazion removed on 7/8 (not to be confused with a Chalupa, which they serve at Taco Bell and is much larger) and on 7/9 my OTHER eye blew up (another sty) and this one won't drain either - 3rd day and I'm scared it's going to become a chalazion, too. Aside from being miserable, I look like the elephant man. I need something prescribed or to come back in. Please contact me! I can send pic of eye if necessary.


Doreen Lewis

This is a pic of the other eye


Spidey said...

yeah. that's bad. :( feel better!

Anonymous said...

Don't go anywhere til you pluck those eyebrows !!!!!

doreenmary said...

Is that you, Blu? Heh.

Spidey said...

how did it go with the doctor? hope your eye is better.