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What Next? A Fricken Walker?

My eyes are better.

So my thumb blew up at the joint. No... no pictures, it's bad enough I'm starting to sound like a whiny old fart. This is either arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome or derivative of repetitive motion whatever-you-call that disorder for being on the computer all day long. Have I mentioned I have a case of hot ass, too? My ass is at least 5 degrees warmer in this chair than the rest of me. Is there therapy for that? I get chapped elbows for leaning on them when I'm reading. I'm a mess.

Anyway, about two months ago I started noticing joint pain in my fingers. Today the thumb blew up, so I'm kinda starting to pay attention now. I need to take better care of myself. And I'm so cheap.. need to buy some stuff that will help. I decided to get some ergonomic shit for my desk... been using the same logitech ball mouse for years and maybe need to change it up for the thumb has been abused in this configuration. I read an interesting article out of Cornell University about mouse usage. Click Here if interested. We really should all invest in the right mouses (mice?) and keyboards, not this $8.88 one I got at Walmart.

And there's more crap throughout this little family... My baby girl is sick with another sinus infection. We had allergy tests run last month. We found out she is allergic to... uh.... EVERYTHING. So gee, thanks for the info, Doc... she's pretty much SOL for a lifetime. They are recommending immunotherapy (weekly shots). Anyone go through that? Did it help? Kelly's strongest allergies are trees - birch, mostly.. all of them. Then during seasons she gets hyper allergic (called Oral Allergic Syndrome, or something like that) in which she becomes highly allergic to fruit and her mouth blisters --mostly apples.

Kev's not much better... only he has asthma as a result of his allergies. He is also allergic to everything. He's 20 and refusing to go for treatment. He's dependent on an inhaler daily and has been his whole life.

I'm babbling... feel free to chime in with your own physical ailments so we can all feel the pain together.

Ow... the thumb really does hurt!


Spidey said...

sorry you are feeling poorly. but the hot ass comment mad me laugh.

mavis sidebottom said...

Im the same age as you and I dont have any of that have you considered being a fat lazy bitch like me

doreenmary said...


Jilly said...

i turned the shots down when there wasn't any hint that they'd actually work. My allergies are pretty bad and i tested allergic to : dust, trees, grass, mold, flowers (basically any and all pollen), bleach, poison ivy/oak/sumac, anything avon makes, most perfumes and shampoos or scented sprays, incense, scented candles etc. the allergist i used to frequent was also a lung dr and told me "you're going to have asthma within in 2 years unless you make these changes and no matter what, you'll be an asthmatic within 5 years." The list was as long as my arm and cinsisted of helpful hints like "no carpet, no stuffed furniture, no animals, no vaccuuming, never put a window down, hire a cleaning service, install air filters in every room, change/clean air filters every 30-60 days...." on and on it went. I couldn't do almost any of that, so I didn't, and sure enough, 19 months later, I had asthma and have been on 2 pills, an inhaler and an inhaled stimulant every day since.

if the son won't do anything, there's nothing you can do except tell him to "quit bitchin" because he refuses to do anything about it. my guy has a colon disease he refuses to treat, so when he complains he's unwell, i tell him to stfu (nicely, of coursE) b/c i shouldn't have to listen to him bitchin if he's not willing to go through the treatments to be at least a little better.


Roger D. Curry said...

The allergy desensitation shots take years to work - if they work. At least that was my experience. Now, I say screw it, I'm going to sneeze around certain stuff.

Hide all of your Rudyard Kipling! "Who has smelled wood smoke at twilight? Who has heard the birch log burning? . . ."

Also, Kelly needs to stick to artificial materials for canoes.

No comment on the hot ass. Nope, nuh-uh. Now, if I can just keep the image out of my mind as I'm trying to fall asleep . . .


Spidey said...

how about an update? i come here everyday and nuthin!