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Maybe I Should Make Reservations Next Time.

So on the way home last night, it was hot and I was cranky. I was thinking about what was in the freezer to cook and not very happy about the options. I considered also that the kids rarely like anything at all that's quick-made by me and I was so not into picking up groceries to whip up something divine. So, instead, I hatched the idea to bring home a good old-fashioned bucket 'o KFC.

Excitedly I pulled into the drive-thru window. We rarely indulge in fast food so I scanned the menu and settled on my chicken options and yelled into the little box.. a list of my chicken preferences and all the sides I wanted.

"We're out of chicken," the voice said in response.

"Are you serious?"

"Well," the voice said, "We can cook you some, but it will be about 18 minutes."

I peeled away.

When I got home and the starving kids looked at me with their big blue eyes... I handed Kelly a $20 bill and said, "You and your brother turn this into dinner... I'm not hungry."

They were happy enough about that and settled for Subway around the corner, which also served as lunch for them today.

And that's the end of this story.

Isn't my life exciting? But more importantly, isn't it sad about KFC?


Spidey said...

well really not so sad for KFC. they sold so much they ran out of chicken!

Roger D. Curry said...

This is wonderful news!

The American Society for Healthy Chickens

doreenmary said...


Jilly said...

i've become good a meals in under 15 mins that are healthy and don't require the oven for more than 10 mins. although my guy stated he prefers the stuff that does take longer to make and has more unhealthy stuff in it, he knows to eat what i put in front of him or he can eat cat food. MissM on the other hand lives off fruit, yogurt, PB&J, cheerios, and 99% fat free turkey hot dogs and none of that requires any time or talent. lucky me

Rosary said...

Gee, looks like your kids picked the healthier alternative. That happens at our KFC all the time with everything from the chicken to the mashed potatoes!


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