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My High Horse.

Ya know... all y'all in my life.... when you violate me, do me wrong, I know it within the second it is happening and I don't eeeeeven have to step back, or pause for one hesitating moment to think about it. My instincts and my gut guide me. I know when when something is wrong and I know it quickly and rightly. And you will hear my immediate response. That's not being an unwielding bitch, that's being strong and good. If you don't like it... talk to the hand. Be good. You, too... reading this.

That's the thought for the day.


Spidey said...

someone piss you off by any chance?

doreenmary said...

Spidey... Yea. But things are calm for the moment. When someone told me to "get off my high horse" recently I realized that's something I have heard through out my life. Just goin' on record to assert that "the high horse" is better than the alternative -- not giving a shit.

Signed -
Doreen "I yell because I care" Lewis

Spidey said...

ahhh doreen. you are still so young. give yourself another 5 years or so and you will be where i am now. and it is so much better.
believe it or not, there is someplace between "high horse" and not giving a shit.
not to diminish what you are going through, but be prepared to enter the phase of your life when you don't feel like you have to save the world. love, spidey.


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