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Tool-Belt Totin' Me... Who Needs a Man, Anyway?

The Washing Machine stopped spinning and draining. I don't have money for repairs or a new one. Decided "How hard can this be to fix it myself?" Went to and looked up Whirlpool Duet Front-loading Washer and my sympton. Got step-by-step instructions. Unplugged washer, unscrewed panel to open to parts, took apart the mechanism for drainage... found 7 years worth of sludge clogging the motor. Wet/dry vacc'ed. Defunkified and cleaned all parts. Reassembled. Plugged back in. Ran test cycle - success. Now doing weekly laundry as intended. 45 minutes and $0 dollars later. Oh yea, bay-bee. Fresh sheets tonight and fluffy towels, too!


Spidey said...

hurray for you! wow, that is a lot of stuff in there. yuck. do you use liquid fabric softener? i heard that is what plugs up washers.

doreenmary said...

I've heard that, too. At the risk of having problems, I love SNUGGLE fabric softener and insist on using it. Clothes and towels just don't have as fresh a scent without fabric softener. Now if I had YOUR situation (a clothesline), then I'd forgo the fabric softener... I bet your sheets and towels are AWESOME. I remember as a kid being the one to take in the laundry off the line and really appreciating how fresh they smelled.

Jilly said...

fabric softener gives me hives, well, so does bleach and most laundry detergent. So I don't use it. I BEG for a line every year, but so far, no-dice.

I lost it a month or so ago b/c someone's been putting liquid fabric softener in the slot in the washer that's reserved for bleach ONLY. I had to sit all the adults in the house down and say "This slot says BLEACH ONLY, so if the bottle doesn't say 'bleach,' you shouldn't be putting it in there. I did think about getting the washer with the special slot for fabric softener, but that one was $150 more, and I'm cheap and don't use fabric softener, so we bought this one. I don't know who's doing it, but cut it out! Go buy a Downy ball and call it a day."

After I found teal stuff in the slot again, I did some investigating and figured out that it's my brother-in-law. I really think he's got aspergers because of this and him asking me which product to use to clean the toilet: "toilet cleaner" or "mop n glow."

congrats on the fresh sheets and on doing it yourself!

sheila222 said...

Doreen! you get the awesome award! Sometimes it seems we perform our best when our backs are up against the wall (at least in my case when I have an animal that is headed for the big needle and I try to give it one last try with something unorthodox/wish and a prayer type of thing- sometimes it works! no down side, right?).

mavis sidebottom said...

personallyI opted not to give a shit its; so much easier

Spidey said...

how about an update? everytime i see that wash machine gunk, i feel a little sick!

Anonymous said...

This is the Nagual speaking.

Good job.

You got lucky. Usually when an electric motor is prevented from turning while power is applied you will burn up the coil wire and the motor will no longer function.

I doubt that liquid fabric softener has any impact on a washing machine motor. People use them to power Go Carts......they are pretty substantial motors.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

This is The Nagual again.

Jilly should get one of those little plastic fabric softener release balls. You throw them in at the beginning and one of the spin cycles opens them.

Then you could use fabric softener and your clothes wouldn't be so hard.

That is all.