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The Significance of 1492

Did you know that it's Columbus Day? Neither did I, except that it became apparent because the mail service didn't run today.

I met my sister for a big salad and a glass of wine. OK, two glasses of wine. So anyway, we split the bill. I got mine and the total was $14.92. I found that crazy ironic.

"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."

I dunno. I thought it was wicked cool. We hailed over the waiter.... maybe all of 20 years old... he yelled, "Get the hell out of town!" He was so excited he called over the manager and made me tell the story again and show him the receipt.

OK... dumb story, but it's funny after a lil bit of wine. So... Happy Columbus Day!


Spidey said...

one halloween, about 3 years ago, the lottery pick three numbers around here were 666. i thought that was really creepy.

Roger D. Curry said...

Wrong, wrong, wrong. In 14 hundred 93, Columbus sailed the deep blue sea.

What do they teach in the schools down there?

By the way, Columbus thought he was 8000 miles from his actual location. Great navigator.