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Catching Myself in the Act of Complete Abandon of Budgetary Consciousness

So I was at Big Lots (the store). I wanted a tablecloth for Thanksgiving. I don't know why I got a bigass cart to push through the store when all I did was go in there for one thing. Habit? Maybe I was feeling entitled to just freely shop and spend? Stupidity, I guess.

So... I was there like an hour... listening to Christmas music, filling my cart with wonderful things for the house and the holidays.

It was time to go home. My cart was full. I looked at everything I was about to purchase. I really don't have money to blow. I said to myself, "I don't need any of this shit. Not ONE thing!"

And so, as I have often done before... I left the store and didn't buy anything.

(and in case you're wondering... you outspoken judgmental blog commenters, you... ) YES... I tried to empty the cart of the stuff (so as to not impose on the sales clerks), but sadly, not everything made it back to the proper aisles. I'm a little sorry about that.. but I'm glad I got some sense in me before I whipped out the debit card.

That's my story for the day. And... so... How are you?