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On the Topic of Hair

So I got my hair cut today. It has been since April - I can't believe I'm so cheap and went this long. That's 7 months... I figured it was time to cut off the dead ends and spiff it up a bit.

But even more truthfully, my hair is FALLING OUT in hand-fulls in the shower each day. I researched this "medical condition" and found out that there are several reasons a woman would start losing her hair... one is a drastic change in diet. I've lost 20 pounds (in June) and was on Opti-Fast (liquid diet, basically). Well, that could've done it. Other reasons are nutritional depletion. Had my blood work done about a month ago and I'm low iron (not quite anemic) but that and also folic acid shortage in the body can cause hair loss. So I'm on a multi-vitamin so I don't go bald. And stress... well, uh... yah, stress, I got that. But don't we all?

So anyway... on the topic of hair, I am not the most beautiful woman in the world and I'm no spring chicken, but I have always had "good" hair. We women know what "good" hair is. It's full, it's natural, soft, shiny and lays nice. It smells nice.

But let's talk a minute about what's going on with hair fashion and trends these days. The styles have very much remained the same for so very long. Can we be done with the stick straight Barbie hair using a flat iron? Can Farrah re-emerge please - oh - please? Hot rollers and BIG hair - yes yes yes? Can we be done with stripes of black and yellow and bright pink? Can we be done with that style of real short in the back and then angled long in the front like some weird hat? I miss perms! The real spirally curly loopy gelled up ringlets. Why can't that come back around?

And for men... I miss hair that was a bit long in the back.. not hippy long, but below the ears with some waves. And... Oh, I love a shaved head on a guy... if you're receding or got a bald patch... just go ALL THE WAY... shaved/bald is very sexy.... Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, you get the picture.

I used to think women over 40 should not have long hair, but I'm revising that now if you can pull it off. Yet there is a point of no return... surely you've been behind a beautiful blonde and she turns around and EGADS! It's an old hag! I don't ever want to scare people.

OK, that's enough about hair for now. Despite the new hairdo, it's a few hours since my appointment and all that primping and it's up in a ponytail as usual.


Spidey said...

the hair looks nice.
i have been losing hair for years and am amazed i am not bald. it is quite thin on the sides. the back is still pretty thick.
i loved perms, but with the way i am losing hair, i am afraid to get one. i might end up with a visible bald spot.
my daughter has the thickest blond hair i have ever seen. it takes hours for it to air dry. i am jealous.
p.s. bone chilling was 20 degrees with a wind chill. horrid!

doreenmary said...

Spidey, I wonder if hair loss is more common in women that we might think. I mean it's a little scary! Have you investigated your situation medically? Or just accepted it? Thanks for your post

mavis sidebottom said...

I have to say that I look the best I have ever looked at the moment Im not sure why

doreenmary said...


You go girl! I think it's your inner goddess shining through!


mavis sidebottom said...

to be honest i think its my inner slut shining through I went out on saturday and this young lad came up to me and said " haven't I seen you on MILF.COM and I said run along sonny and play with your lego but a little part of me went YESSSSSSSSS

Jilly said...

you want the gelled out spirals and big ass hair? move to jersey, that junk never left there.

as to hair loss, i haven't lost anything more than i usually lose in the shower and i track that like a hawk because i have pcos. did your Dr run any tests for hormones or thyroid issues and could it be related to your fibroids? if ovarian cysts cause hair to fall out, perhaps a fibroid could too?

i'm lucky that after 90+ pounds gone, my hair isn't gone too. although i've been taking iron, multi vitamins, calcium and super B complex for years, so maybe that's helped keep my hair attached to my head?