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The Hard Hat-Wearing Woman Is Back.

Today I shall endeavor to discover what's wrong and either fix my central heat myself (the fan won't kick on) or find a cheap solution. I don't have monies for expensive repair men.

And how is YOUR Monday?


Spidey said...

WD40 sprayed on the fan right in the middle inside the unit outside. try it! also, flip the cicuit breaker on and off. that should do it! i wish i had your phone number!

doreenmary said...

Spidey, the circuit breaker is a trick that worked this summer when I had the same prob with the A/C. Anyway.... the guy came out $140. A new thermostate was installed, the old one was kaput. Lovely to have such expenses this time of year. Sigh.

doreenmary said...

Next time I'm on FB will email you my tel number... we should have it... after all these years. Ya know?

Jilly said...

i fixed the dishwasher all by myself the other night.

doreen, could have walked you through putting in a new T-stat. i remember helping my mom install one for our furnace when i was in high school. there was a lot of cussing, but we were warm and got ice cream after. that same t-stat still works nearly 13 years later. it's a shame service calls aren't like at the mechanic, where they tell you what's wrong and then you can go find someone else cheaper to fix it, right?

doreenmary said...

Thanks Jilly... thought myself that route might be cheaper, but I didn't know it was the T-stat til they were here. The guys were here at 7 last night -- dark and bitter cold. The way the repair people do it... somehow the service call gets wrapped into the labor and they had the part... which I'd have to go hunt a sale and drive and get and who knows how long it woulda taken to get it together or how successful I woulda been. I bit the bullet and paid out the ass. Good to know in the future that a chick can do her own install of such a thing... I learn so much from everyone here. We really are resourceful!