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Stupid Mom Text Messages....

I was deleting old text messages offa my cell phone and had to laugh at some of them:

Me to My Daughter Kelly: The school called and said you missed 2nd and 3rd period yesterday. WTF? Talk to me...
Her Reply: Ummm. I was with you at my doctor's visit. Dahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Me: Oh. Sorry.

Then this one to my son...

Me: Where is my blender? It's not in the dishwasher. Who loses a blender? Do you know how big a blender is?
Kevin: I don't know, mom. I'm sure it's around.
(10 minutes later).... Me: Oh, here it is, in the refrigerator with my leftover smoothie in it.
Kevin: OK Great.

Just thought I'd share....