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Doreen's Island of Misfit Toys

Remember the Island of Misfit Toys in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer TV special? There was: a Jack-in-the-Box named Charlie, an elephant with spots, a Cowboy riding an Ostrich, a water pistol that shoots jelly instead of water. There was a choo choo train who had square wheels on his caboose, and a boat that doesn’t float. Just like the Island of Misfit Toys, the state of "family" is no longer the traditional mother and father and two kids waking up to Santa's surprises.

We need to get over it and revise our expectations.

It's going to be a Christmas of a different kind of holiday at my house... and I guess I'm getting used to this now... the third Christmas since the separation/divorce... but this year, even more different.

My son, Kevin, 20, is graduating this week and taking off to move to Canada. He's got a job lined up, a girl, and a place to rent. I'm worried as any mother would be, and I am experiencing the classic "empty nester" symptoms. This is an exciting time for him and beneath all my doubts that his is not financially prepared for this and doesn't know how to deal with cold weather, the truth is, he is at an age when it is appropriate to define his own life. And I've got to let go.

This leaves just Kelly and me for our holiday.
I just got off the phone with a girlfriend who is newly divorced and her kids will be with their father for the holidays so she's alone... I invited her stay with us. And another friend is alone.... I want him with us. My daughter has a girlfriend whose entire family is up north and she can't afford to fly up.... Come and be with us. My widowed mother, my sister and her kids... are my biological family and they will come. Even my ex, with no where else to be... come.
I will make casseroles and cookies and put out all the liquor I still have from past parties that I haven't touched. And in the land of misfit toys, we will all be jolly.
Soooo... How are you holiday preparations coming?


Spidey said...

the true meaning of christmas is what you describe. being with friends and family, whatever the circumstances, sharing food,drink and hopes for a happy holiday.

Spidey said...

oh, and your tree is lovely.

Jilly said...

truthfully? i want to wrap up all the christmas junk and send it with my family to someone elses house while i tunnel into my bed and stay there for a few months. in reality, i'll sit and smile and say "no, i'm fine. really, i'm fine. i know, everyone experiences a loss. we'll just have to start over" etc. until i want to hit someone with a snow boot and perhaps i'll binge on some rum to get through? i'll fake as best i can for missm, who is too little to understand loss and pain.

Anonymous said...

two of my kids are at mine one is with his dad,I have the week off work I intend to be out on the tiles at every opportunity.Ron who usually comes to mine for christmas evening and boxing day is going away this year cos he says this is the first year I dont need his company cos I have a life .I had no idea he was looking out for me all that time bless his little cotton socksIve not bought any food or any presents yet or put up a tree I dont really do christmas and as my kids get older neither do they I do however do new years eve and my birthday so roll on december and january 31st

Spidey said...

not sure if my other post got to you, so i will repost. first... love the tree. it is beautiful.
second, your feelings on christmas are wonderful. it is all about being with those you love, and sharing the spirit of love, which you are doing. i hope you have a wonderful holiday season.
life is too short to stress the small shit, as they say. and if can find love and friendship with your fellow human beings... fantastic!