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Don't Drink and Grocery Shop...

...unless you really want to. Fresh peach carnations. Mango nail polish. Whisper pink lip gloss. Women's magazines. A bigass jar of Noxema.

I just got back from Winn-Dixie. I had had two glasses of merlot right beforehand. I went in for a gallon of milk... came out with these other things. But it is good.

My friend Peggy taught me some things I never learned in life. I learned by watching... just by the way she leads her life. If you go to her house, she always has fresh flowers.

I used to whine that there are some girls who get flowers and others who don't (me).... but not any more. Peggy gave me proverbial "permission" to buy myself a bouquet and not just on special occasions, but WEEKLY! And I do! And it makes me so very happy.

Every girl should have a Peggy in their life... a real "lady" girlfriend... someone feminine and indulgent a bit in nice things. There are things to learn from them. It is easy to forget your charm... just throw your hair in a ponytail and go... sans make-up... unmatched shoes. I remember one time I was wearing some slip on flat moccasins with shorts and Peggy said, "Don't you ever wear those again... put on a sandal with a little heel. Be pretty!"

If you're a girl, do you have someone in your life who makes you accountable to be good to you? Do you have a Peggy?

Now I am having coffee and blogging. This month's issue of Southern Living beckons. Maybe there is an episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County on tonight.

I worked hard this past week. In fact, I am on the final chapter of my dissertation (analysis of results) and put together a statistical analysis and wrote 12 pages. It is time to rest now. I earned it.

And I'm going to call Peggy and just listen. She always has fun stories to tell me.


schell said...

I think I'm going to buy myself a bouquet of flowers on my lunch bread today!

Anonymous said...

does mayo go good with flowers?

Anonymous said...

I dont think driving after two glasses of merlot is a good idea to be honest if you are pissed enough to buy stuff you dont need un the supermarket then were probably too pissed to be behind the wheel of a car .
Yours sanctimoniously Mavis Sidebottom

doreenmary said...

Who said I was driving? Unless you count navigating the grocery cart down store aisles without yielding.

Anonymous said...

cos you are american you cant walk to the shops it's illegal :D

Spidey said...

i love those kind of shopping trips. just walking down the aisles and buying little things that make you feel good.
flowers on the dining table make me feel happy too.
i went online to the Keuring coffee web site one night after a couple of martinis. a case of coffee showed up 3 days later. ;)
p.s. i am loving my keurig coffee maker.

Jilly said...

i went to the mall yesterday and spent a small mint on fancy panties, body wash and hand cream. it was LOVELY. the kid has spent the past 3-4 days with my sister. it's nice to play single and child-less every so often.

be happy with flowers, nail polish and a fancy womens magazine. you only live once.


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