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Indifference... It's a Bad, Bad Word

Do not make me join the ranks of the jaded who no longer care. I loathe the shoulder-shruggers of the world.. the followers whose lazy brains do not invent or feel. Those who dummy down, who numb their pain thereby numbing the joy, who deny really living because of the risk, who refuse to fight, who would rather snooze than live in the moment.

Stand up for something! Right or wrong, no matter…. FEEL it, become it, DECIDE dammit. Even the bible has something in it about being neither hot or cold. To be just lukewarm is to be unworthy and to be spit out.

I would rather be disliked, labeled difficult, ALONE in my room, than give up.

I have chosen wrong battles often... and for the majority of the time, I have lost them. But I will not be defeated!

I care!

Somewhere... there is a place for me where I am welcome.


Spidey said...

did you have a bad day?
hoping today is better!

mavis sidebottom said...

hooray you are still the most hormonal person i know :D

doreenmary said...

Actually, I heard it was a full moon.