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Springtime - What's Cookin' Here

So, I got my usual Springtime bug-up-my-butt burst of energy and desire to make things nice. So.. Here are a few pics of my new lawn, new flooring (shown is Kev's room)... And as a cheap alternative to real curtains or shades, I bought a roll of bamboo reed fencing in the garden department of Home Depot ($23) and hung the fence up with a bunch of nails to block the Florida sun. AND, I've been using my new grill... last night's chicken came out great, but takes a long time to cook. Having fun.


Spidey said...

i think you are supposed to have some
lava rock or briquettes in the bottom of the grill to help with flare up and heat so it won't take so long. please look at your instruction booklet. love spidey... grill queen.

doreenmary said...

Hi Spidey, the new grills DO NOT require lava rocks or briquettes and void the warranty.

Spidey said...

okay! i will mind my own grill. ;)

Roger D. Curry said...

Wow, this is very much a getting back to the frontier spirit thing. Soon, you'll be shooting your own food.

Jilly said...

would it help to sear the chicken before grilling or pre-cook it a little bit?

i have fabric shower curtains on shower curtain rods as curtains in my bedrooms b/c the windows are massive and the curtains that fit cost more than a car payment while the 3 shower curtains were $9 at michael's.

your friend in cheapness,