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Bucket List Item #25 Checked Off Today

Learning to cook on a grill is on my bucket list.

So today I bought myself a gas grill. Then I stopped at the store and got some NY strip steaks and baking potatos and fresh corn on the cob and mushrooms and salad fixings. And I invited over my sister and her daughter and my Kelly was here. And I called my ex to ask if he'd show me how to grill and come to dinner. And he came, and I learned. And we listened to Jimmy Buffet and we talked, and we laughed like old times. And I had fun.

But then I got sad, for things that used to be but are no more...

And I think I drank too much wine for my head hurts. So I'm going to lay down now and put something on the TV that is fun and stupid. But I wanted to blog first and post these pictures.

The end.


Spidey said...

the steaks look great! yummmy.
it's okay to be sad sometimes.
but it is great that the two of you can be friends.

mavis sidebottom said...

wihout wishing to be rude or nosey do you still haner after your ex husband ,I only ask cos the only way i want to spend time with my ex husband is at his funeral

doreenmary said...

LOL Alex. No.

Jilly said...

will you piss on his grave alex?

i want to get a gas grill b/c the charcoal grill is a pain in the ass. however, it's been pointed out to me that buying another grill when the one we have works fine is wasteful.

glad you checked something off and had a good time.