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Me & My Hula Hoop

My daughter is a hulahoop champion. And I am not.

Today, just for fun, I brought home two hulahoops for us and I gave it a whirl, taking tips from the champ. And again and again I hooped it, because I can't sustain it for very long. And when I became a sweaty mess, huffing and puffing, and complaining all the while (even through the laughter)... I decided I am going to practice and BECOME the world's oldest and greatest hulahooper in my podunk town.

... because this is what a person does when she loses her mind and reverts to childhood. This is what a person does to take out stress, and because being a responsible grown-up just gets a little boring sometimes.

That's what's new here.


Spidey said...

hope you had a happy easter.
the hula hoop sounds like it will be good exercise. just don't throw out a hip! ;)

mavis sidebottom said...

yes dear at our age you cant be too careful ;)