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Thoughts from a Contemplative State of Mind....

I know. I haven't blogged. You let me know. I have been writing. Just not here.

Checked a few boxes of things done these past few weeks: I completed my dissertation. I await the scheduling for defense of my research. I'm considering walking the graduation ceremony (will require travel) to receive my doctorate degree... This would be a quiet, solo celebration that I just may want to indulge... my research has been my lover for quite a number of years... my life's work. It's a personal goal achieved and I feel it through me with great passion.

I've been working on home improvements... new plantation shutters, herb garden, new lawn.

I have been intensely involved with Kelly's high school graduation, prom, award ceremonies, and college preparations. She's moving on campus in early August. Another transition in the household.

I've been very close with friends in transition lately... have even gone out for girls night, etc. Entertained in the home, etc. Feeling socially engaged and alive in it right now.

I'm in a state of contemplation... a good place, actually.

I am open, full of joy, aspiring, excited about many potential things to come. My world feels rich with relationships I nurture. Hmmmm and I don't know why, but for once, I feel some of the good things I put out there are beginning to flow back to me in kind. It kinda gives me pause... and at the same time scares me.

Why is so hard to accept love and goodness when it comes one's way? It's so easy to give, but to receive, it's just so humbling...

So that's the short of the news these days... I will write longer the way I usually do... soon.

How are you? I am on Facebook by the way... lots of pictures always get posted there.


Jilly said...

i'm so happy for you and green that you're nearly done the phd thing. comps are set to start in a few weeks for my guy and if all goes well, the dissertation process will start in the fall. i told him that he owes ME a graduation ceremony, and he said that we could go. ii plan to hold him to it.

so, what are your post graduation plans for yourself?

Spidey said...

hello! glad to see you again.
i have been restless at my job lately. bottom line is, i don't think i want to be there anymore. we will see what happens after summer.

doreenmary said...

Miss Spidey. If I'm not mistaken, you are a long-timer at your job. Your employer has really counted on you during tough times and you always came through....weary and consistent. I hope they take good care of you, but chances are, like so much of the business world, not so much. Change may be good. Put your feelers out there... resume, go on an interview. It's OK to explore and who knows, it might bring you full circle back home and committed. Or, a better opportunity! You go, girl!

doreenmary said...

Jillybeans! Good luck to boyfriend on Comps... I flew through it, so I hope he does too! Hope you get that ceremony!


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