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I'm Going to Blog That!

Sometimes things seem worthy of repeat --- let's call them "bloggable things".

I said something that elicited a surprised reaction from someone.

What's funny is the response to it was, "Well smack my ass and call me Sally".

That amused the hell out of me. Not exactly a new phrase, but new enough to me. I'm adding this to my repetoire of speech. (Yes, it's funnier if a GUY says it, but still.) I've been told that replacing "Sally" with "Judy" also works. And that made me laugh hard, too...

Ya got any favorite amusing one liners? Tell me some.


mavis sidebottom said...
I do most of this without even realising and I have only ever lost my temper once in public in the last 20 odd years and that was when I was pushed to distraction on a night out in newcastle with a complete idiot