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On Being Strong.

You know if you're a strong personality... you are the one people come to for advice because you tell it like it is. You have standards. You'll fight for the right stuff. You don't let people sway you. You're not easily influenced and you can sniff out bullshit and turn away from any sort of con or come-on. You can stand and face adversity and you don't fall apart when things go wrong or you are criticized. You care, but you keep it all in check and don't get all least not in public. People seek you out because you know who the hell you are and most folks are just sheep who follow and they need someone to direct them. You know you have a special gift and you know it is good. Very, very good.

Buuuut.... who comforts the strong one when energy is depleted? When people suck the life out of you? When it becomes just too much and you want to...just for a weak. Not be "on" away? When you want to sleeeeeeep long and not be there? Who can you let your hair down with, so to speak? Cry in front of...God forbid? Who can know you intimately..not the hero or heroine everyone else sees, but the real person inside, who is flawed, who hurts, who needs but would never dare ask anyone for anything?


Spidey said...

you need to be honest with yourself and let everyone know that you need some help once in a while. that isn't being weak, it is being human, and you have a right to that.

mavis sidebottom said...

I sent you an email the other day but it got returned saying you didn;t have an account with the service

doreenmary said...


Well resend it. You obviously typed the address wrong. or

Jilly said...

i admit it, i'm a loudmouthed, petty, ball-busting bitch a lot of the time, but that doesn't mean that i'm not wimpy at other times. i can usually tell when i've hit my limit and ask for help or communicate to the people closest to me that i need some help. i don't think there's anything wrong with needing help, or just someone to VENT to.

The real problem is when the people who are your support system aren't supporting you. my guy is a major support to me, and i don't know what i'd do without him.

not that it matters, but i think you're very strong, being a single mother of 2 teens and being truly SINGLE. as in no S.O. to lean on when you need grown up alone time to just talk, feel like an attractive wanted woman, or to just bitch about life in general.

you'll continue to figure it out as you go along, but be sure to tell us the answer when you do, because we're all lost too.


doreenmary said...

Thank you all for posting... and I know you each to be "strong" personalities, which is probably why the sentiment my blog entry resonated with you. I know that there are downsides to being strong... I know there are girls who get flowers and those who don't (I'm the kind who doesn't), but I wouldn't want to be any other way, just as I'm sure, neither would each of you. Peaks and valleys and ups and downs. We always seem to come back to the middle comfort level, I think.


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