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Thanksgiving and All That...

I don't have to cook. I'm divorced now and this is not a matriarch. Me and the kids are going to my sister's house.

"What shall I bring?"


Ohhhhhhh yea! But I'll bring, me thinks.

Normally on Thursdays I teach 2 four hour long classes, which makes for a grueling day, especially with my "wild" bunch of evening students. Having the day off from that tomorrow is just wonderful.

I am going to pick up the newspaper tomorrow to look through the after-Thanksgiving sale ads, but I'm not daring to venture out among the crazies...will view ads just for Christmas present ideas. Presents will be online-shopped-for and price compared. Mostly, I'm making crafty things at home--inexpensive--and fun. Plus, I've really enjoyed watching chick flicks while I "create" lately.

I caught some old movies...Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I saw that at the theater when it came out. I was about 15, so that movie really was reflective of my high school years. To see it now, with all the sexual teen stuff...I think, OMG! My daughter is now 15, almost 16...and I know what I was thinking/doing...she better NOT!

I wanted to mention something here and get some feedback...especially from anyone with older teens facing them leaving home. My son, 18, almost 19, is disenchanted...with college, with friends, with home, with the job scene, the girl scene, the country of America, the lack of passion within...he thinks he needs the struggle on his own to find his niche. Understood. I remember those days. But he wants to go to Canada. Has identified Calgary as ideal. Says getting a start there is better. Asked for my advice. Oh God. Why can't he just move across town...another country? I'm frightened... for him, although I want him to become independent, etc., it's just he's so young and inexperienced and without resources. Has anyone dealt with this sort of a thing?

On other matters, I do much work at home and started using the free download software for talking real time and using a webcam for conference calls. What fascinating technology! 75% of my work is done at home (even teaching...I have 2 online classes I teach). I'm able to do marketing/direct mail, etc. using my own computer equipment and it's just wonderful. I think the whole cubicle/office concept is just nuts. I love working alone and the addition of the webcam has aided in communication with the office.

And yet on more other matters, we have a stray cat who's come to visit us. My mother said to always welcome a stray...for they may be angels in disguise and we must help our furry friends. This young guy is declawed and very young. He surely is lost. I've posted ads in the newspaper and at, but haven't found his owner. I'm not allowed to have pets, so I've kept him on the back porch at night...a box and blankets and feeding him until I get him a home. He's so sweet and loving and unafraid of people. He jumps right on you and cuddles up. A real lover. The kids are allergic to cats...but outside, they can handle him and not feel the effects. Anyone want a sweet cat?

OK, that's all for now.



sheila222 said...

You can call your animal shelter and see if they have heard anything, and you can ask if they can check to see if he is microchipped. I am not talking about surrendering him yet, but just to check out a few more possibilities.

doreenmary said...

Thanks, Sheila...we're going to have him scanned for a chip. My mom is fostering him now...

Jilly said...

doreen, in my experience as a young person who works with young people, i find that a steady 40-60-hour-a-week-just-to-scrape-by-hard-labor-job helps many people become really happy with the college life. go figure. if he wants to go to canada, let him go, and then if/when he wants to come home, welcome him back. he'll just do the opposite of what you tell him anyway.

As a side note, does he know that it's really fucking cold in canada? i know because it's really fucking cold here in Baltimore, and we're WAY south of canada, I can't imgine going from hot flordia to canada in WINTER. places like that have spring and winter and that's it. A week long ski trip is different from a permanent mailing address. sometimes i miss my hometown, and then i go back in winter and say "thank god i moved to a warmer climate."