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Bad Mommy.

I forgot it's not allowed in school... I sent a text message to Kelly (she's in 10th grade), "Wanna get sushi after school?" and she replied and we exchanged a few more fun-loving messages, planning a little something nice for this afternoon.

There was a long pause between my last message and suddenly my blackberry beeped with a message from an unknown number.

It said the following, "Kelly asked me to send you this message that her phone was taken away. She can get it back after school."

I later found out Kelly was scolded by her teacher. When Kelly put the phone in the teacher's hand at her request, it started vibrating, embarrassing her further.. that was my last message to her.

Don't do what I did, moms.


Jilly said...

where i work, you'd have to come to school and speak to the administraitors about responsibility before you'd get the phone back. in other countires, they just smash the phone.

Alias Moi said...

Spanked again!


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