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I Hate It When That Happens....

Late last night I was making Christmas presents... watching late night chick flick movies at the same time. I was watching P.S. I Love You with Hilary Swank and enjoying it. (Warning: There may be movie spoilers in this post and the comments )~ And I guess there was about 20 minutes left of the movie and I fell asleep and never saw the ending. Now I don't know what the hell happened. If anyone saw it, do tell me. I left off somewhere where Holly was in Ireland visiting her widowed husband's parents and had met and slept with the husband's band partner/best friend. The chick and her friends return to the USA and Daniel from the Bar is frustrated that Holly won't let him into her life and she withdraws from her friends....cries to her mother about how life really is all about being all alone.

So... then what? Anyone seen it? Advise. I'm not watching the movie again.


By the way, my younger sister is the spitting image of Hilary Swank.


Roger D. Curry said...

Doreen, darling, if we decide to have a torrid romance (understanding that before doing so, we need to resolve things like distance, marriage, marked antipathy toward and cynicism about romance, that sort of thing), please understand that I will not be willing to sit quietly and watch chick flicks. There are indeed somethings up with which I will not put, even to get laid.


Jilly said...

what are you making for christmas? i love to know what other people are doing. my little sister made several different homemade breads for everyone, and i can't wait for the dill bread and the butter spread to match.

i made scarves, gloves and hats for people. I also made a few handprint ornaments of the baby for a few people. I spent about $50 combined on 5 presents. We're not really into expensive gifts, and we're also not extremely materialistic either. during th eyear, if we need or want something, we get it. christmas is more about spending time with loved ones and watching the kids open stuff. since i'm no longer a kid, i'm not too worried about opening stuff. in fact, when i had my baby shower and mandolin's first birthday party, i had the other kids open the gifts, since they love to open, even if it isn't for them. it was a wonderful way to keep them all busy and for them to burn off the cake.


doreenmary said...

The chick flick was a tad corny... WHO AM I? I don't even know any more. Roger, surely, you jest. NO MAN... can handle me in this present state of transition. As president of the She-Woman Man Hater's Club, a long-distance torrid romance would spoil my image! I'm also a recovering romance writer... These days, I'm really liking the spinster concept.

And Jilly, I can't say! The gift recipients read here! But it's good!

schell said...

I don't know if you'll see this or not...I watched the movie last weekend.
She gets some sort of sign that, to her, means she should start dating. She calls Daniel (who I loved) and they meet at Yankee Stadium. She gives him her last letter and then they kiss. It's very awkard, and they both agree that it wouldn't work between them, but they're glad they tried.
It goes to a time in the short future, and she's decided that she's going to try to make her mom happy. She takes her mom to Ireland and as they're approaching the in-laws farm, the guy she slept with approaches with his father...who immediately starts flirting with the mother...who laughs and giggles like a school girl.
That's how it ends.
I loved the movie, even though it made me cry too many times.