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Are You Happy?

It's a simple question. It's an opening for self-reflection. It's an opportunity for exposure or an invitation to conversation. It's interpretable: Do you want to answer it from a "right this moment" perspective, or "generally speaking"?

I ask, Are you happy?

<---- Picture of my tee shirt.


Spidey said...

yes. could i be happier? maybe, if i had more money and didn't fret about bills and taxes. but i am not sure that would make me happier.

Jilly said...

at this second in time, i am happy with my relationship, happy with my child and happy that i made an awesome dinner. i am not happy with my mother, i am unhappy with my spine injury which is inching towards surgery, and i am unhappy with my career. i can live with pain, not talking to my mother. i can't live with being unhappy with my spousem child or my ability to care for thenm. Therefore, overall, where it matters most, I am happy.

i do not think it is possible to be happy with every aspect of our lives at the same time. part of beign human is not being content with being content.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I may be home alone on a Saturday night but I bought a pair of pants today that fit me perfectly so I can't help but be happy.

If you are healthy and not happy, then you're a self indulgent pig.

That's my attitude on happiness.


Roger D. Curry said...

Who are you and what did you do with Doreen?

mavis sidebottom said...


schell said...