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If You're Going to Ride My Ass... at Least Pull My Hair!

I know... what a rude blog entry title. But damn, I'm upset.

I don't often geek-talk here about my trials as a doctoral candidate, writing the greatest (so I think) psychological dissertation of all time. I was thrilled 2.5 weeks ago, when my revised (multiple times) Methodology Review Form (MRF), which is my dissertation proposal, had been approved by my mentor and forwarded to the committee chairperson for official stamp of approval. Today that submission was returned by the big dog.... "rejected".

The good news is that the reason for rejection wasn't content, but style and APA formatting. Actually, it's all nitpicky. But still... I would have hoped to get a provisional approval and the "go ahead" to plow forth... instead of rejection and need for correction, resubmission, then wait wait wait wait...

You see, there really are only about 2 opportunities per semester to submit work for review, get it back, revise, resubmit. Then the 10 week semester is over... we're talking like $5,000 tuition each semester. At this rate, I'll be in the hole forever and very gray-haired or indebted to Clairol (hair dye products) by the time this research project is completed. And that, my friends, is the frustration--the time, the process, the waiting game, the criticisms. It's painful!


It's been said that the dissertation truly is a humbling experience. There is nothing about that that's not true. Everything written, theorized is subject to ripping to shreds. And the manuals and the books on how to proceed and write are voluminous. VOLUMINOUS!

I am now going to have a cold Guinness and pout. Nobody knows or understands what I am going through, for I am alone in this research endeavor... and boy, do I ever feel grumpy about this.

Just thought I'd share.


Roger D. Curry said...

Please feel free to inform the "big dog" that he needs to watch "Deliverance," and then let him know up in these hills, he wouldn't make but an itchy spot on a chihuahua. We'un's would be happy to arrange a little bitty canoe trip to help him get some perspective on what's important in life and what ought to be left alone.

Thunder on the Mountain

Anonymous said...

Someone I know who just finished her doctorate said by the time her dissertation was done it barely resembled her own work.