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So I went to Home Depot AGAIN for tools and stuff. This flooring job is way harder than thought. On the way out, a handsome man pushes he cart alongside mine in the parking lot and says, "Hi, I'm single."

I laughed. "Yeah?"

And he said, "I'd like to get your name and number so I can ask you on a date." He told me his name, then flipped open his phone to enter my information.

"Uh, that's flattering, but are you out of your mind? I'm not giving you anything. I don't know you and you could be a wacko."

"I'm not. And this is way better than a bar scene. Let me give you my number."

"No, I know I would never ever call."

"Then come to my new store I'm opening...." (gives me the address, tells me about it...) We went our separate ways.

That made me smile for a long while today. Maybe for some of you, this sorta thing happens all the time, but not me.

Anyway, I am working at home today PLUS sharing work time with using a mallet and beating the crap out of the wood carpet gripper stuck to the concrete, which I have to remove, then prep the floor before laying tile. I still have more carpet to remove (under the bed)... My hands hurt.

Here are some pics:

1. Piss Pot Dog Forgiven (I just know this one is the main culprit)
2. Carpet removed so far
3. The vinyl tile - "Redwood", which seems to nicely match my cherrywood hardwood/plank flooring throughout the house. 88 cents each 12"x12" tile. Not bad.


Roger D. Curry said...

I was about to criticize the fellow, but on reflection there is something to be said for his approach: He gets the rejection part over with quickly, so he can return to his TV, beer and fantasies.

Please do not mistake my practicality for cynicism or any reflection of poor bargains in the marketplace of romance.


aliasmoi said...

Go to the store and give the man your e-mail!!!

Roger D. Curry said...

Hmmm - Well, he's partially accomplished an honest approach. Have him call me and I'll teach him my approach: "Hi! I'm a wacko, and whether I'm single or not will never come up! Let's do weird, illicit stuff and lie to each other about our names!"

Yours for clear communication,


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