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It's Done and I'm Dead.


Jilly said...

congrats on being done, want to come and do my 4 rooms? or perhaps you want to teach an online tutorial? that would be the perfect dyi show now that i think of it. get someone who has little too no experience to muddle through it his or herself and show us all the pitfalls of diy. they could say it's in the name of prevetion and encouragement, you too can become a diy person of so-and-so can do it.

thanks for the pics

Anonymous said...

Looks damned good mrs

Spidey said...

nice job! it looks great.

i am impressed.:)

doreenmary said...


A room like this costs less than $150 for all the supplies. Each 12x12 tile costs only 88 cents each... and theoretically, you could shop around and find vinyl tile for about 69 cents each. It's something a girl can do alone... about 2 full days of work, but I shaved off half a day... my ex came over and helped me move the bed out of the room and get the last bit of dreaded wooden carpet holder strips that were nailed to the floor, which is removed with a crowbar thingy. But it is totally doable alone.

When you're ready, we can talk by phone or email.... it's so easy, technically. It's exhausting if you do it like I do everything.... a freakin' machine that doesn't stop to pee or eat until its done. But it is done and it is good!

Thanks for the kind words, all.


aliasmoi said...


Anonymous said...

I love independent women! Great! -blu


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