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Thank You!

My electric bill last month was $365, sending me into orbit. I blogged. I complained. You responded. I learned so much from you guys about saving on heating costs, like (in the spirit of Jilly) to layer clothes. So now I wear everything in my closet all at once, topped with a big 'ol bathrobe. Heh. I also closed off from heat one room we don't use.

Anyway, just got my bill. It's $198. That's a substantial savings from last month!.

For my next trick, I ordered small space heaters for our bedrooms. We can shoot down the thermostat and heat just the small areas where we are hanging out. I hope heaters get here tomorrow. I'm so cold....

It's all good. So thanks!


Catz said...


Jilly said...

congrats, doreen. you're less poor! i'm so happy for you. I wish other people who live at my house would be as cheap as me about the electricity bill. I'm becoming my dad!

Spidey said...

just be careful with the space heaters so none of your daughters clothing laying around on the floor end up too close to the heater. ;)

being menapausal really comes in handy in the winter. my hot body keeps the entire bedroom toasty at night. i have not been cold one time all winter. i went outside and grilled tonight in my pajamas. temp was 29. and i sleep with a fan blowing on me. bigjoe now puts his cold feet on me. i used to put my feet on him to warm up. being a hot 50 year old is coming in handy.