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Things New Here....

  • I am having an affair with my space heater.
  • The rats are quiet. I hired an exterminator and he hasn't been back yet so I don't know what's up there... dead bodies?
  • I need to warn Alex that I feel rumblings of PMS
  • My dissertation went to the next level and is under committee review. Once approved at this stage, I can begin my ethics review and hopefully the national survey within the coming months.
  • All my landscaping and gardening last spring died due to the freeze. I'm so bummed about this.
  • My 16 year started a job - thank God.
  • Saw the DaVinci exhibit at the museum last weekend. Fascinating.
  • Went to dinner with my ex... It is good for the children's parents to establish some warmth and communication and I'm happy we can do this.
  • The Bachelor.... It won't last between him and either of the final two girls, but I can't wait until Monday night's episode.
  • I am eating a bagel with cream cheese and having hot coffee at this late hour, which means I will blimp out by tomorrow and be flying on caffeine and prolly not sleep tonight.
  • That's all for now. More later this weekend.


mavis sidebottom said...

Lol I was just thinking we must be about due for an angst filled dusecting my life and finding it wanting post from you :D

doreenmary said...

Mavis, for my first PMS trick, I changed my blog photo cuz Nagual said it looked like Scully on X Files. I didn't know who that was and googled it and decided she is ugly and so was my picture. So I put up my drunk pretend-sexy pic. How's that?

Jilly said...

i knew a pms rant was coming from you because i lost it the other day in the ice cream section of A&P and knew i was about to hit pms. when i hit pms, you seem to hit it too. i think it's a hen party thing. you become depressed and sulky, i become a raging homicidal maniac. do you think they'll ever solve our problem? i mean, they can make a limp man hard for hours with a magic pill, why do we have to suffer?


aliasmoi said...

I had PMS last week. I think Scully is pretty and so does Spawn for what it's worth.

mavis sidebottom said...

I find it slightly disturbing that you would change anything on nags suggestion

Spidey said...

i thought you looked cute in that picture.

Anonymous said...

This is The Nagual speaking:

What was at the davinci exhibit?

He was a fascinating guy. I use to read a lot about him.

That is all.

doreenmary said...


I don't "get" the Mona Lisa. But DaVinci was definitely a time traveler and had unbelievable out of this world genius that influenced even our present day inventions. The museum had replicas of all his inventions. They were categorized and each room was tailored, e.g. one room was all the military inventions. One was bridges and flotation devices/water related, the art, etc. Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

Leonardo was middle aged by then and for a couple years his mother Catarina lived with him. She was destitute by then and he supported her but she died. He had several apprentices who lived with him and one street urchin (also an apprentice) who he basically adopted and loved to complain about.

Borgia ultimately was killed when his father died (Lucretia became a nun and was by all accounts completely devout and reformed) and Davinci landed in The Vatican working on a highly secret project. I mean literally in the Vatican....he lived there. Whatever this project was it involved german lensemakers and was important enough for the Vatican to turn a blind eye to the dead bodies Leonardo was still dissecting. The germans got frightened and protested rather publicly about davincis 'magic' and the project was dropped and he moved out.

He got into a beef with the asshole Michaelangelo over the block of marble that was to become David...and a competition on facing walls of a church was arranged to determine who would get it. Even Michaelangelo says that davinci had beaten him...but davinci was using a new method of fresco that required a bonfire to be kept in the room and something went wrong and his fresco melted off the wall as he watched.

Its in all this that he took the commission to paint mona lisa giaconda(sp). She was a remarkable woman in her own right and as she sat for the days upon days it took him to paint (he did everything very slowly) she began to ask him questions and finally came to understand him. She began to reflect him once she understood him and he (either wittingly or unwittingly) painted that. So that strangeness in her face....if you look once you know all can see him in there. What's amazing is its not HIM....its just the incredibly cryptic and infathomably deep expression a guy like that would have.

Take a look now.

You can omit this if you like....its quite long.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

This is The Nagual speaking.

I too did not "get" the Mona Lisa until I read a book by a russian about davinci. As a public service I will now tell you what you need to know to understand what all the commotion is about.

Leonardo was a bastard child. His father was some nobleman or other and his mother was a peasant married to another guy. Leonardo was raised by an uncle and supported but not acknowledged by his father. He was weaned on a goat (as was not out of the ordinary for orphans at the time) and pretty much only saw his mother in passing on the street. His father did show an interest that he be educated and he was put through school and then apprenticed to an artist of the time. It was soon discovered that he was amazingly talented at art.

At this point its best to reflect on what Florence Italy was like at the time. Europe was emerging from the Dark Ages and the Rennaisance was in its infancy and the Medici family in Florence was pretty much leading the way. At that time all artistic employment (and scientific for that matter) was provided by the Church. Italian cities and provinces were ruled by Kings or Princes or lesser royalty but it was still in the 'off with his head' era. Real professional employment for a guy like Leonardo was to become entailed entering the court (service) of one such ruler and attending Court regularly....there was always the danger that the 'king' would flip out and have you executed. But all that comes later.
Leonardo was discovered by the Medicis and was in fact close friends with one of their sons ..they were both in their early 20's. He had already developed the habit of grave robbing as a result of sculpture (he wanted to know what was under the skin so he could sculpt skin better) this led to his interest in medicine (greys anatomy today still uses the drawings he made in the late 1400's) and also to him being arrested and put on trial for 'something that carried the penalty of death' along with the Medici boy. The incident was quashed and Lenordo lived to become famous. Oh, and he also shared an obsession with refrigeration with a lot of other geniuses (Einstein for one)....but with davinci it was in search of a method of preserving bodies.

Anyway Leonardo was sponsored by the Medici's and given employment by the Church...hence The Last Supper, Madonna on The Rocks, and others. He later spent a happy and productive period of time with the Scorzas (Ludovico was the guys name and he and his wife were very enlightened and fully supported everything leonardo did). He hung out with Machiavelli and their mutual friend (whose name I forget) invented double entry bookkeeping.

Well Sforza was overrun and imprisoned and machievelli was banished for displeasing someone or other. Davinci suggested that Machiavelli write a manual for being a good king to get back from banishment and The Prince was written based on his observation of the heartless and quite evil Cesare Borgia (whose father was the Pope at the time). Machievelli and davinci may have made an actual attempt to break sforza out of prison.

Anyway Leonardo was soon in the employ of Cesare Borgia (widely considered to be sleeping with his sister Lucretia Borgia) in Milan. He built huge hydraulic defenses for him. Oh also, when Sforza was overrun davinci was working on this massive equestrian statue considereed to be one of the seven wonders of the world. He watched as the invading army used it for target practice with cannons. (the guy who ordered this was executed on the spot by his senior officer but the statue was gone).

Anonymous said...

This is The Nagual speaking.

I forgot to mention some things. First was the likelihood (I concluded) that Davinci belonged to some larger takes some external motive for one to produce as much as Leonardo did. There's a good bit of evidence that he was the Grand Nautonnier (navigator) of the guys who ran the Knights Templar in their underground period.

He probably had a bit to do with the Oak Island mystery in Nova Scotia.

I had been piecing together the relationships for about 2 decades before The Davinci Code came out. (it was ultimately to be a 'happy meal' version of the whole saga...but it did present the basic facts) Anyway, nothing in all of it effected my Catholicism. And in spite of all the "davinci was gay" and "Davinci worshipped satan" nonsense I'm pretty sure he was at peace with his catholicism too.

That is all.


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