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Will Blog on Friday

I'm still alive. I feel a blog post bubbling.... will be working at home in fuzzy slippers all day on Friday. Will post new entry shortly.


Anonymous said...

This is The Nagual speaking.

I have just learned that I am the "approximately 1800"th person to view your profile. There seems to be no significance to that whatsoever.

Do I know you? Most of these people originated in an aol chatroom called the Bookshelf. Were you there? Did I know you there?

I see that you are in Pasco county....not sure where that is. I am in Tallahassee.

I dislike Forrest Gump intensely.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

This is The Nagual again.

What a shame it took me so long to read your blog. The little space heaters will be a big mistake. They are REAL expensive to operate.

Try these things:

You can get 24 hour timers for a variety of appliances (lights, water heater, heater) and so arrange to shut them off when you are asleep. The savings can be substantial.

Electric blankets.

Polar fleece. Get some. Wear some. I slept on the snow covered rim of the Grand canyon in 3 layers of polar fleece inside a nylon shell. Didn't wake up when the snow covered me up or when some Moose came into camp to nose around.

If you have a fireplace or franklin stove get a blower for it. This can eliminate all heating costs in the winter.

In exchange for this sage advice please send me a box of that shrimp food care of

The Nagual
Tallahassee, Florida. 12345

They all know me here.

That is all.

doreenmary said...

Nagual, I followed your postings at the bookshelf and remember you, although we didn't engage each other. I am friends with pagegeek (remember him)? and I started at the bookshelf to try to get to the bottom of that Spruck character, who was harassing my friend. I was known as NAF (Not a Fan) and had both beloved friends from the Shelf and a few who just didn't get me (e.g. Emma, Urban). I left the bookshelf and started my own blog where they like me here. Heh. Come visit and stay here. I'm just a writer geek with a lot of opinions and dreams. Thanks for being the 1800th visitor. I should give you a prize. Would you like a Kewpie Doll?

Anonymous said...

This is The Nagual speaking.

Hmmmm....Pagegeek...I recall the name and that I did in fact know him. I seem to recall not liking him...but I could be wrong and in general I have little patience for people anymore. Is he the writer workshop guy? Paul B_____?

I do recall NAF (not a fan)and being disengaged. How did you manage that? I was rather probing in the bookshelf....a bit of a sociological experiment. How did you manage to escape my attention?

Emma and Turbanstargazer are two very different characters. I have never found Emma anything other than likeable....I never much liked Turban.

Spruck. Tom Spruck. He was either that insane guy or that kid who got the name from the Harry Potter book. If he was constantly threatening to "inform his lawyer" then it was the insane guy. Oddly enough, that insane guy never had a bit of problem with me.

I'm not really sure what a kewpie doll is.

In your photo you look like Scully from the X-Files. Did you plan that?

That is all.

doreenmary said...


Yes, I referenced Pagegeek the Western writer. He edited one of my novels and we've been friends since (early 2000s)and we talk daily by phone, although we have never met in person, interestingly enough. Yes, Tom Spruck the loon.

Google Kewpie Doll... I always was amused by them... so very ugly a doll from the 50s and were once given out at bazaars and carnivals.

And I didn't know who Scully was until I googled her and decided that pic of me had to go if that was the case...

I wasn't ever on AOL so I didn't have access to the live chat room, I only poked around on the blog pages, so maybe that is why we never communicated. At the bookshelf I befriended a few friends who visit here: spidey, schell, alex, catz, jilly beans, Roger... used to hear from Alan and Rosa and tallgirl at my blog but not any more. And I remember fondly bert, Orb,Kathryn, Debbie (the chick who used to write about her prison days-what happened to her?), Tree, longhair, and what ever happened to the school teacher, porkchop... she was fun in a slutty snarky way. Do I sound like Miss June from Romper Room looking in the mirror and calling out names of all whom I see?

Anonymous said...

This is The Nagual speaking.

I googled the doll and discovered that the ugly variety is actually called a Troll Doll though they are often confused.

Last night I watched Coraline (Tim Burton), a stop motion film about a girl who acquires a doll which is actually a spy for a witch who lives through a small door in the wall of the house. The witch (who has buttons for eyes) has an alternate reality thing where she pretends to be the girls mother. She wants Coraline to let her sew buttons in her eyes so she can stay in the alternate reality place forever.

Did you ever see Guy Maddens 'Brand Upon The Brain' or a foreign film called The Spirit Of the Beehive? I like dark strange films.

I know most of the names you listed but its been a few years since I've been in the chatroom. Debbie (can't remember her s/n)was actually in the room BEFORE her husband got caught embezzling and she got sent to prison. After prison she moved to CA with the other Burt (from the chatroom)then they both fell out of contact. Last I heard she was pregnant.

Nothing wrong with Scully. Thousands of teenage boys spend millions of hours a year creating photoshopped porn of Scully. You've honestly never seen the X-Files?

I can't criticize. The show was a phenomenon for years before I happened upon it. As it happened the first time I saw it was a halloween rebroadcast of an episode that was banned from television called "Home" about a quadruple amputee woman who lived on a rolling board under a bed and was doing a lot of inbreeding with her gigantic mutated troglodyte children. 'The boys' would occasionally pile into the 57 chevy convertible and drive over to peoples houses they didn't like and beat them to death with baseball bats. Good TV.

In the light of all this darkness I guess I should probably give you some advance warning of why I say "This is The Nagual speaking" so as not to freak you out. Perhaps later.

That is all.