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Brown Fat is Better than White Fat

Somewhere along my way in life I decided that a tan makes a person look thinner.... healthier... better. I feel not-so-terrible with a bit of color.

Oh, the horrors of tanning are known. Tanning beds = skin cancer, not to mention aged skin and wrinkles. But Ohhhhhh, the warmth of the bed (you know how I hate to be cold... and this has been a grueling winter). The tanning bed is a 15 minute summer vacation. I rarely have the time I so desire to daydream. So I get in... I put on a CD of something lyrical and fresh that I love to listen to and close my eyes. And I indulge in a mini mental diversion and I am enveloped in sunshine.

I only do it once a week... just enough for de-fattification and de-compression of an intensely overactive mind that psychoanalyzes far too much. And for a time... I just forget my troubles. And in the evening the color appears along with a little sting that tells me I've gotten sun. And that feels really really good.

So anyway... that's the thought for today.

In other news updates... the rat people caught a giant rat in one of the traps in the attic and removed it today. They come every 2-3 days and this is the first time they caught one. No, I didn't - nor would I- look at the dead body. We're not hearing the scary scratching or biting we were hearing a couple of weeks ago. Yay. Progress.

I return to teaching psych at the college on April 5th. It's been bliss to have the extra time I used to do teaching to focus on my dissertation and my job and other stuff. BTW, my dissertation is progressing well and three chapters are under review with my committee of scholarly reviewers. Working on preparations next for ethics review board and hopefully soon can conduct my national survey of couples (on the topic of intimacy/passion/commitment). More on that when I'm in the mood... not now.

My 16 year old (dually enrolled in college and a junior in H.S.) is taking the S.A.T.'s this weekend. She has her sights on medical school and is a bit stressed. She got her first job (a P.R. survey firm - telephone surveys) and then the job at Dairy Queen came through so she took and it working both jobs while doing college/H.S. and has to decide to quit one. She sits at the kitchen table with her calendar/planner and her legs crossed, pen in mouth, pondering her little world and I just shake my head to watch this mini-me.... so proud, yet wanting her to enjoy her youth a bit because I was always so friggen overachieving it's taken me until now... age 45, to start to think about adventures I'd missed out on. Hence the joy in my mini vacation tans.

Both Kev and Kelly have birthdays in the next two weeks... Kev will be 20, Kelly, 17. Their car registrations are due ($70 each) and that doesn't seem like sexy birthday presents, but they've got to understand that this single parenthood is what it is. I will get them each a small gift, too. I think I'll plan a soiree of family for them... maybe a dinner.

On other matters, did you see The Bachelor tonight? It was the wedding of Jason & Molly from last season. Just lovely. I enjoyed it.

Going to bed early... like now. I have been staying up until 2 and 3 AM... some dumb new habit and my daughter got me hooked on 4-suit Spider Solitaire that was keeping me up late. I get hooked on the dumbest games. I was hooked on some bubble popping game on my blackberry for years and then some stupid ball catching game on there now. Then there was the Scrabble obsession. And, of course, Farmville on Facebook, which I'm now sick of. DON'T TELL ME ABOUT ANY GAMES. I'm breaking the addiction to them!

That's all for now. Oh, and I survived my fall.. I hurt for the next day, but I'm totally fine now.


mavis sidebottom said...

PMS has gone then :D you worry too much about age.Told you falling at 45 is no different from falling at 44..When I was 24 we sold our house and travelled round south africa camping for 6 months everyone should do stuff before they have kids in my not very humble opinion.The people I know with the biggest regrets are the ones who were so busy succeeding at an early age they never had any fun.

Anonymous said...

Dear DoreenMary:

This is The Nagual speaking.

It's not the tan but rather the tan pay attention to where they are. Make them crisp and very clear....none of this blurry nonsense. When diagraming your potential tan lines I want you to think "What sort of tan diagram would Scully have?" ....or in the common vernacular "WWSD". Is "common vernacular" redundant?

Perhaps your child should be exposed to the Franklin Planning system. It was designed by Benjamin Franklin and he use to attribute all his success in life to its invention. It really is the best.

I knew a girl once who had a disease which required her to use the tanning bed. If I'm not mistaken it was the same disease Flannery Oconnor died one that sounds like a wolfs name. Lupus.

I have little interest in rats.
I have little interest in psychology.
I have little interest in The Bachelor.

The people on the bookshelf blog are irritating me.

That is all.

doreenmary said...

Mavis...camping?! You strike me as a girl who prefers her creature comforts. Wow.. 6 months?

Nagual... how about NO lines? And I love the Franklin system... went through formal training in the 90s and still use the classic model, preferring it over electronic calendar-ing.

Jilly said...

i took an almost 2 year old camping this past summer, it was good and horrible.

mavis sidebottom said...

I dont have any creature comforts I am very low maintenance.I dont even use a hairdryer of straightners lol

Anonymous said...

This is The Nagual speaking.

Crisp and very defined lines.

I have worked myself to physical collapse with the Franklin system twice. But it was glorious.

It was back when you had to attend a 2 day seminar to GET the couldn't buy it at an office supply store. Since then I have created my own system which is a little more complex and powerful. Plus I don't have to buy refills....I can print them myself off any laser printer. Probably the most beneficial thing I did was create a code list of tasks which I inserted into the transparent page marker. so rather than write "do laundry" and take up a whole line it was just B3, G9, L11.

I integrated all my potential food items onto a checklist under one of the red tabs....I'll tell you some other time how I use to cook a months food in one day.

Sounds like your kid needs a franklin planner?


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