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When Old People Fall....

OMG.... I wiped out. I'm not joking... this is serious injury! When a grown-up falls, it's not like a kid falling. We have farther to go down and we bruise easy.

I was in my bedroom (hard floors) and I was wearing slippers running (why am I always running? This is stupid.) So I stepped on an envelope that was on the floor and it slid and my foot went behind me. I fell on my right knee and then forward. My right hand was at my hip and it went down and the wrist twisted and my right boob smashed to the floor. I laid there a minute to let the pain roll through me.

It's a half hour later and I'm hurting... I know I'm going to be black and blue.

I need to be more careful so I don't break a hip or something.


Spidey said...

oh you are gonna hurt. :(
last year, my big 5-0 birthday morning, fresh out of bed at a bed and breakfast, i stepped out onto the deck to enjoy the sunshine and i fell. i still have a scar on the top of my foot which slid under me. i fell on my a$$ and jammed my right thumb. it hurt for 3 months. i lay there for a moment. bigjoe came running. i said... are there any bones sticking out????

geez.... i hope you are okay.

mavis sidebottom said...

were 45 love not 95 , you fall like that at 20 and its still going to hurt unless you are drunk

Jilly said...

i find slippers often cause me to slip.

once you break a hip, it's over. so don't worry, you didn't break anything. then again, orbie is still in a lot of pain from her fall a few months back, and alex is a pro at falling stories after her ankle. i don't feel so bad about my tits falling out of my top at water aerobics now. my ego can stand a bruise.

mavis sidebottom said...

I think you should read this and stop worrying about age
everytime i think life is a bit shite I read thisand it makes me laugh

Spidey said...

how are you feeling?

aliasmoi said...

Oh yeah - try falling off a bike.


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