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Hi all. How is your New Year going? Very very bizzy these days.

Business Stuff...

I am teaching Human Growth & Development this semester. It's a new course and my first time teaching it, so I've been busy setting up lessons plans and getting lectures prepared. Grading my first submissions from the 35 students I have. This is, by far, the most exceptional group of students I've had. They are all experienced learners in the nursing program, so they "get it". It's a pleasure to teach students who are engaged and want to be there.

I had left Rasmussen College a few semesters ago (needed the break), but I have returned to teaching with a new vigor. We have a new campus that is just a few miles from my house and the move took place this weekend. Rasmussen is going through growing pains and some of the changes are really good. I'm excited and I know for sure I belong in academia, even if I only take on a few classes a year as extra work.

This is my fifth year working full time as a director of marketing for a health care company and I'm putting together a 2011 marketing plan and presentation for an annual meeting. Working on a revamp of the corporate website. The CEO for whom I work and I partnered to start a separate small marketing company a few months ago. It made sense to do so... the business is there and we already have an account. I'm creating a website and mail campaign.

The Kids....

Kevin is in Canada until the Spring and doing well, he says. He has two jobs and is renting a room with friends. We haven't resolved the "international calling" bullcrap of cell phones and I need to fast find a plan that won't suck the bank account dry. Kev is looking at a College called Acadia in Canada and wants to become a teacher and likely a Canadian resident.

Kelly is wrapping up her senior year at the high school and is dually enrolled at the community college. She's applied to the pre-Dental program at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL... that's my alma mater. I hope she gets in and we'd like to find out how to financial swing it that she can live on campus and come home on weekends.

Soon I will really be an empty nester. I'm OK with this... I'm already seeing the changes with Kev gone. For example, there is no need to buy a lot of groceries. Kelly's schedule and mine cross a great deal and it feels like sometimes this house is just a drop in center for change of clothes and sleep.


About a week ago I woke up and couldn't see two feet in front me. Everything was blurry. I was scared that the Glaucoma had kicked in (I'm borderline and I've put off eye surgery a year... been warned if I don't have the surgery soon, I could go blind). But thankfully after a few hours I could see, but not at all up close like I used to be able to see. I did some googling to find out that sometimes in this age group, people can lose their up-close vision just like that (snap). I had an eye exam yesterday and I went from 1.25 to 2.00 in prescription strength, which is pretty dramatic. I ordered progressive lens glasses and sunglasses. I'm going to try and schedule eye surgery within the next month if I can pull the money together.

My uterine fibroids continue to be problematic. I have spotting and constant colicky cramping. I have been ignoring the options available for treatments after reading about them (surgery) and want to live with the condition as long as it is tolerable. I do, however, want to get a gynecologist. My primary care doc has handled all my female exams thus far. Well, I'm getting older... need to take care now I'm sure with any hormonal changes.

Last June I got 22 pounds off and I have maintained the weight loss. I want to get off another 10 or so pounds, but it is much slower to come off now. With the weight loss came hair loss... quite a bit... and I learned that I was depleted of iron, folic acid and need more biotin and B vitamins, so I'm on a program now.


Home Improvements

I have a long list of things to do around here. I'm making a priority list to knock out projects one by one as I can budget for them. I would like to get some window shutters in my bedroom (actually the whole house, but let's start with one room) and shutters are so outrageously priced. I have Lowes coming out to measure. The windows in this house are so cheesy and the cold pours through. My room faces the road -- noisy... too much light. My curtains fell down because the wall is concrete and the nail doesn't stay in. Very annoyed. I want a solution that is pretty, too. I work in my bedroom all the time. It's my space. I want it right.

The lawn! Need sod. As soon as these cold snaps are gone, I'm laying some grass down.

Skewl & Research & Speaking Engagement

My research is plugging along. About 600 people have taken The Love Survey ( and I'm keeping the survey open to continue to recruit volunteer participants. Meanwhile, I'm working the SPSS software to crunch the numbers and learn how to statistically analyze the data.

I have been asked to be a feature presenter at a special event with the Museam of Science in Tampa. The event is in February called "Cupid the Scientist" LINK HERE

I didn't mention this earlier, but in November I had emailed the Dr. Phil Show about my research and a producer from the show called me to see about availability for a show they were planning on couples & intimacy/affairs. They asked for my bio and such, but it wasn't really a fit for their needs. I didn't get too excited, other than to realize the potential of The Love Survey (once completed) to attract media attention and hopefully give me a shot at publishing and exposure. I really want to do something good with this research. Will keep you posted on all that.

Mindless Fun Stuff

Are you watching the new season of The Bachelor? Monday nights 8 PM. I love it. Totally shallow and fun.

I'm hooked on Bravo Channel's, Housewives of Beverly Hills... more shallow fun.

I love my new Kindle. I'm reading Seven: The Deadly Sins and The Beattitudes by Jeff Cook.

I also started listening to audiobooks on my cell phone. The Android Apps are fun!

That's the news for now!


schell said...

I have little home improvement projects I need to do too. Some of them, like painting, I can do myself and keep saying, "I think I'll do it next weekend" but something always comes up and I don't. Others, finally getting a backsplash, I'm at the mercy of others (mainly Keith) and so far all we've done is talk about it.

Jilly said...

i've given up on home improvements and am just hanging onto not living in slobbishness.

my guy is about to take his comps. i can't wait.

doreenmary said...

Schell... make a list.. that's what I'm doing. And prioritize and list expense. Then try to knock out one project a month.

Jilly... with a toddler and PhD student in your family, I can certainly understand the sentiment. My best to your guy. I breezed through comps... If they give him the "right" questions, hopefully he will, too.

Spidey said...

you are a busy girl! I am hanging out in vegas till friday. Its good to be away.

sheila222 said...

Doreen, just a word to say how much I enjoy your posts.


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