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Getting My Groove On...

This is kinda old news (few weeks), but I wanted to reflect a minute....

I recently indulged in an evening of comedic entertainment and saw stand-up comic, Jerry Seinfeld, at the performing arts theater. I've followed Jerry as a comedian long before his show, Seinfeld, was a hit in the 1990s. He's age 56 now and a bit crotchety in mid-life, married w/kids, and funnier than ever. He did a hilarious piece on cell phones... making fun of our dependence on it. He spoke about the realities of family and marriage, on aging, on the ordinary life annoyances we all feel but with such a humorous spin. And, I took my daughter to the event -- her first ever live comedy performance, which made a memory I know she will remember. $84 bucks a ticket... can't do things like this all the time, but I cannot begin to tell you how NICE it is to GO OUT like that.

I suddenly want to get dressed up and messed up and live a little. This stay at home workaholic and academic geek is feeling connected to things outside herself and while I'm not sure to what I can attribute this new outlook... I like it a whole lot. Feeling social, playful, easy-going.

I'm fun again!


Jilly said...

he's never made me laugh once. I did get annoyed a few years back b/c my b-i-l went to see lewis black and after the event said "oh right, you like lewis black. i should have taken you." grrrr.

les mis is coming to town and i want to go, but i don't think it's possible right now. and my BFF is going to Jamaica in august and has invited me, but again, i'm choosing to pay my bills and mortgage and provide things for the kid instead.

so, good for you for getting to go see something fun and being able to take your daughter and make a special memory. would it be as special if you got to do it ALL the time?

i keep telling my guy that i can see les mis and jamaica some other time, and i mean it. however, i'm still miffed at the lewis black thing.

doreenmary said...

Jilly... I hope you'll put aside a bit of money for that something special for "just you" -- be it an event with your BFF or your guy. You work very hard and moms with little ones truly deserve at the very least... a night out. Saw Les Mis in NYC a long time ago and it was memorable. Jamaica is beautiful... you're young, so responsible. I would love to see you cut loose and relax and really do something totally recreational. Maybe something will come your way... a tax refund? Free tix to a special event from someone who can't use theirs? who knows? Life is sprinkled with surprises and maybe something good will come your way when you least expect it. oxxoxo

Anonymous said...

you will turn into me soon, Doreen it will be gin and fuck me shoes every friday night ;)
Ps Im getting a tattoo tomorrow for my birthday present to myself :D
pps its not a tramp stamp


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